Surgery – Breast Cancer


We are sorry about your news, but quite honestly, your diagnosis is the reason Bras Without Wires exists. We are here to help with our line of wirefree bras.

As you will know by now, you need to be wearing a wirefree bra after you leave behind your post surgery bra. If you are headed into radiotherapy, you will also need to wear cotton next to your skin throughout your course of treatment.

Until recently, the choice between maternity or sports wirefree bras during this already challenging period seemed unnecessarily punishing. But now, Bras Without Wires creates beautiful, wirefree bras in premium fabrics, always organic cotton – lined, for you to wear during radiotherapy and beyond.

We are confident that at the end of your treatment, you may never go back to the wire. Tissue can be puffy after radiotherapy, so why challenge your lymphatic drainage system further by encasing it in hard wire?

Wirefree bras, particularly post surgery bras have never been much to look at. Bras Without Wires makes cotton bras, that are both beautiful, and comfortable bras to wear after surgery. We also manufacture in the exquisite European weaves and laces, used by all the world’s premium lingerie designers. Our wirefree bras are designed to be seen. Even though you may not feel great on the inside, why not sparkle in a shiny strap to brighten your mood and lighten your spirits?

With wirefree bras available in up to 25 cup sizes, we trust you can find a wirefree bra that not only suits but fits and supports you when you need it most.

Because we care and wish healthy breasts to all, Bras Without Wires will donate $1 for every wirefree bra sold to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, towards research that will find the cure.

Some recent feedback from the wonderful Petrea King at Quest for Life below will give you confidence:

"I have worn your beautiful bra several times over the past couple of weeks and can attest to its comfort and support. It's fabulous and I hope it will be very much embraced by women who want to take care of our precious assets! Your work and creativity are a boon to women who are experiencing cancer or wanting to give their bodies the very best in comfort and natural fibres"