Surgery - Elective

Surgery - Elective


Congratulations on your decision to invest in both your breasts and a beautiful post surgery bra!

As you will know by now, the best advice will be that you need to be wearing wireless bras for 6 – 8 weeks after your post surgery bra, depending on how your breasts have settled. Bras Without Wires fits the bill, and offers the first glimpse of your wireless bras future while you recover. An organic cotton bra is about the most comfortable bra you can wear after surgery.

Contrary to what we all think, wires are there to separate breasts, not support them. Given your new breasts will be firmer and likely to stay separate anyway, why not rethink the underwire for good? Once you’ve got over the friction against your incisions after 3 months, why would you risk going back? Bras Without Wires will be gentle on the surgical site in both the short and long term with its range of beautiful wireless bras.

Wireless bras have typically not been designed with the aesthetic in mind, unless of course you identify as a S/M or L, and can wear those flimsy lace things, but who does?! After surgery, you are still likely to be petite, but with a larger cup size, most wire free bras don't come this way.

Our bras are crafted from the stunning European fabrics and laces that the world’s premium lingerie designers use. They are beautiful enough to be seen, a glimpse of a shiny strap or side on in a low-cut singlet. There is nothing to hide in Bras Without Wires.

After surgery your size may continue to fluctuate, but with our wireless bras available in up to 25 cup sizes, we are certain there is one that not only suits, but that will fit and supports you when you need it most.

Every single one of our wireless bras is lined with the softest, Australian-made organic cotton. It’s a feature you’ll appreciate during recovery, and well beyond. If Bras Without Wires is the first beautiful, comfortable lovely thing you put on after surgery, we’d be delighted.

Discover the best wireless bras at Bras Without Wires!

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