Fit Guide

Fit Guide

We hate to tell you, but fit guides are notoriously hit-and-miss. Wherever possible, when you know your size we would advise you buy that size in our product as we do fit true-to-size alongside the bigger lingerie brands, and remember, we do take returns and exchanges. However, if you are unsure, find a non padded bra of your own that fits. Jiggle around in it, lean forward so you are fully in, and then grab a ‘warm’ tape measure.

Measure under your bust whilst wearing only your non padded bra, this figure will give you your band size in the second column below.

Now measure around the fullest part of your bust, again, whilst just wearing your non padded bra, this figure will give you your cup size, as in the table below, from A to E cup

Under bust measurement A Cup B Cup C Cup D Cup DD Cup E Cup
Size 8 (30) 63-67cm 77-79cm 79-81cm 81-83cm 83-85cm 85-88cm 87-89cm
Size 10 (32) 68-72cm 82-84cm 84-86cm 86-88cm 88-90cm 90-92cm 92-94cm
Size 12 (34) 73-77cm 87-89cm 89-91cm 91-93cm 93-95cm 95-97cm 97-99cm
Size 14 (36) 78-82cm 92-94cm 94-96cm 96-98cm 98-100cm 100-102cm 102-104cm
Size 16 (38) 83-87cm 97-99cm 99-101cm 101-103cm 103-105cm 105-107cm 107-109cm

Because the cup and back sizes relate directly to each other, you can’t have one without the other. Therefore, one letter represents many different sizes.

Let’s use a size 34D as an example. If that band was to shrink to a 32, but the cups remained the same size, the ratio between the back and the cups would increase from 4 inches, to a difference of 5 inches, making it become a DD. In other words, a 32D is a cup AND band size smaller than a 34D, yet both are still D cups

Here’s the golden rule of bra sizing:
When your band size gets bigger, the cup size gets smaller.
When the back size gets smaller, the cup size gets larger.

And now to undies:

8 – XS 10 – S 12 – M 14 – L 16 – XL
Waist (cm) 71 (24”) 73.5 (26”) 77.5 (28”) 81 (30”) 86.5 (32”)
Hip (cm) 85 – 90
(33.5 – 35.5”)
90 – 95
(35.5 – 37.5”)
96 – 100
(37.5 – 39.5”)
101 – 105
(39.5 – 41.5”)
106 – 111
(41.5 – 43.5”)

That’s it, you’re fitted, now go shop your perfect wire free bra!

Fitting your new wire free bra 

The Band 

At least 80% of the support from your bra comes from the band.

  • Fasten the wire free bra on its middle back fitting. The back strap (or underband) should fit firmly, flush to your back.
  • If the band rides up at the back the bra may be too large. Consider going down a band size.
  • If the band pinches and creates “back fat” that wasn’t there before, it’s probably too small. Go up a band size.
  • When you lift your arms or move your body, the bra should stay in place without moving or needing to be readjusted.

The Straps

  • Shoulder straps should be adjusted to the tops of the shoulders, on your back.
  • Properly fitted straps will pull the cup into your breast but not dig into the shoulders, nor will they slide or move. Adjust the straps while standing straight. Make sure they aren’t too tight, you should be able to fit two fingers under them.

The Cups

  • Bend forward slightly and shake your bust into the cups. The cups should encapsulate breast tissue and be shaped by your breasts.
  • The cup should fit smoothly around the breast. If it sags, the cup size is too large.
  • Check that the bra cups sit smoothly along your skin and cover your breasts. If there’s spillage or bulging, the cup size is too small.

Remember, anyone bra will only be a perfect fit for 40% of women who are that size, but we hope you take the time to fit your Bras Without Wires properly, so you can give your breasts a rest.

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